The Dreaming Is The Dream

I’m 26 years old and I think I’ve discovered the meaning to life.

Of course I’m exaggerating, but hear me out.

I can only speak from my own personal experience. As far as that goes, this article is only going to be valid and relevant to Singaporean entrepreneurs between 21 and 28 years old.

I think we’ve all seen this quote done to death somewhere or other:

To prove my relevance, I’m not just any 26 year old though. My latest business (my 4th) was started just over 3 months ago from scratch, and it’s justhit $40,000 in revenue so far. The last 2 weeks were my biggest weeks in business in the last 4 years.

In the big scheme of things, those aren’t really big numbers. They aren’t fantastic results in a world that only celebrates numbers above one million.

Here’s why they’re big to me (and maybe to you) though: I worked 16 hours a day for the last 21 days to achieve those results, and felt more alive in those 336 hours than any that’ve come before. I felt more fulfilled working for the results than getting the results.

The numbers are only relevant in the context of the work done to achieve it.

Here’s the only significant sentence in this entire article:

The meaning to life is to fill it with your one thing.

My one thing is marketing.

Specifically, my one thing is acting against customer psychology — getting people to do stuff. I love the fact that I can spend 5 minutes to write some words down, and then a while later, have a complete stranger I’ve never met take a specific action.

Blows my mind.

The one thing is a concept you must have heard of before, it’s just the thing that you love doing, you’re the best at, and it adds value to other people. It’s the thing you do that actually gives you more energy and focus.

I think the goal in life is to get the most fulfillment and meaning in life.

And I think you do that by filling as much of your life as you can with your one thing.

The difficult part is finding your one thing. That’s cos your one thing changes over time. Also, you can only find it by working really hard. Most of the time, I’m frustrated by the work I put in to achieve my one thing.

It takes a ton of time doing what’s not your one thing, to do your one thing.

And not doing your one thing is the most frustrating thing ever.

For some people, their one thing isn’t enough to earn them a lot of money. That’s completely fine, because the meaning to life isn’t to make a lot of money. It’s to do your one thing. I’m just lucky that my one thing makes me money. In fact, I’d be happy sticking to my current income level for ever, as long as I get to do my one thing.

Notice I never mentioned happiness. Happiness is complete irrelevant. That’s because happiness is just a choice. You can be happy any time you want. Your external circumstance never determines your happiness. So it can be taken out of the equation.

My advice for people isn’t to find happiness.

It isn’t even to find meaning in life, because that’ll misdirect you.

The key is to work 16 hours a day until you find the one thing that you’ll work 16 hours a day for. And then do that for the rest of your life.

Did this make sense? Was it too fluffy? Lemme know by commenting below, I was inspired to write this after a post I wrote yesterday got really popular, and I just want to help others do what I’ve done.

The title was actually my reply to someone’s comment on my Facebook, and I felt like sharing my story behind it.

If you feel like your one thing has anything to do with business, stick around for a major post I have lying around in my drafts. I co-wrote it specifically to help entrepreneurs build a successful business around their one thing.