I’m 26 years old and I think I’ve discovered the meaning to life.

Of course I’m exaggerating, but hear me out.

I can only speak from my own personal experience. As far as that goes, this article is only going to be valid and relevant to Singaporean entrepreneurs between 21 and 28 years old.

I think we’ve all seen this quote done to death somewhere or other:

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To prove my relevance, I’m not just any 26 year old though. My latest business (my 4th) was started just over 3 months ago from scratch, and it’s justhit $40,000 in revenue so far. …

Today I felt certainty for the first time in my business life. It’s been 3 years.

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It happened at 1pm this afternoon. I had an hour break in between meetings, and I decided on lunch because I knew my stomach wouldn’t be happy that my schedule was packed afterwards til 6pm.

For the last 3 years, I was figuring out just one thing in my business:

Most people associate certainty with a career. Why start your own business when your goal is certainty?!

The thing is, I knew that I didn’t know how to get certainty of fulfillment, purpose and happiness with a career. …

When I was in one of my earliest businesses, I used to chase leads all the time.

Here’s a typical day in my life, 2014: wake up, take a bus to a dying mall, prospect door to door every shop one by one, lunch, sales meetings, hit the next mall, continue door to door, schedule meetings, dinner, prepare proposals, confirm meetings for next day, crash, wake up, take a bus…

I could talk to 20 business owners in one day. Most of the time the reply I heard the most was “No.”

Tip #1: No one likes cold calling, door knocking, roadshows or any form of prospecting. …

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The FIRST thing all hugely profitable businesses do. I bet you’re not doing it.

This. Is. HUGE.

I felt I had to emphasize that because, in all likelihood, you’ve probably seen this ‘strategy’ before.

But for some reason or other, you never placed much importance to it. You didn’t implement it… and a couple of months later, you’re wondering why you’re still stuck at the same plateau. Promise me that if you read on, you’ll at least seriously consider doing it this very week.

The strategy you already know but still aren’t doing?

Talking to your target market.

This. Is. WHY.

Here’s the typical startup journey that results in failure 9 out of 10…

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Too many entrepreneurs I know aren’t that profitable. I’ve made it my mission to fix that. This entire publication is going to de-mystify the online funnel for you, and this first part will give you a 3 minute education on everything you need to understand about funnels.

But first…

This is especially for you if you’re avoiding online funnels because you think they’re gimmicky, salesy, and don’t ‘look good’, but never implemented one before.

Think of why you are not using an online funnel. Now this might sound familiar:

  • It doesn’t work for my business
  • It’s too pushy
  • It’s too complex
  • I don’t want to lose my customers’…

I graduated from NUS Business 2 years ago and have never used my degree since. This isn’t a university bashing article, or a plea to quit school. It’s me sharing the biggest things I learnt in the last 4 years, and the eventual conclusion is staggeringly simple.

To be fair, not getting a degree, is not going to apply to everyone. I’ve never been employed before… and I kinda decided halfway to not complete my Honours year.

In summary, I graduated a 3 year course in more than 3.5 years and with a final CAP of less than 3.5.

2 years on, I’m doing pretty well for myself. The business I left school to join, made half a million dollars last year (no funding, just revenue). My latest solo business venture hit just over $25,000 in revenue over the last 5 months (I start all my businesses with $0). …

This is really about graduating, careers and making money.

It’s 3.40am, I’m sitting here in my room watching YouTube with my glass of whisky.

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Great interview with @garyvee btw. Watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPKzoah6A4c

It’s been a looong day. I woke up at 10am and it’s been meetings, clients, marketing, emails, videos, a meetup, more clients — a working lunch and I skipped dinner.

My last article blew up in a day. I laid out the two best strategies for a university student to succeed at life, this article is about the second one.

This’ll work, whether you want to be an entrepreneur or be employed by one. This gets you on the right side of the value equation (seriously read the first article), which means you dictate the terms, including price. …

When I just entered the National University of Singapore, like 5 years ago, I was an idiot.

I wanted freedom, I wanted to make lots of money, and I wanted to do it by being an investment banker. Like I said, idiot. This was the depth of my ignorance — I thought a $3,000 fresh grad salary wasn’t good enough for me, I was gonna make $10,000. My ignorance knew no bounds.

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Where I wanted to work.

5 years later, I’m into my 4th business, and I like to think I’m much less of an ignorant idiot. Now, NUS is one of the top universities, but it didn’t do much to cure me of that problem. I did it by jumping on opportunities, like becoming President of AIESEC, and joining a startup to do sales, and then leaving business school altogether to do real business. …


Mark Francis Thompson

26 year old entrepreneur in Singapore. I run the first funnel agency in Singapore, and help Startup Founders profit & smash sales online >> join me on FB

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