What ‘In the Flesh’ teaches us about immigration

Hungary is now openly against the migrants. So is many politician in the European Union. ‘In The Flesh’ is a British BBC mini-series which features Zombies. What do these two have in common?

The story is simple, but really great. The zombies rise from their graves, eat brains, the government makes a cure, and zombies turn into normal humans with weird pupils, pale skin, and without any appetite. There is only nine episodes, with a hour long each. There might be a couple of spoilers ahead, but I try to keep them from spoiling the series, so you can watch it later on.

In the first episode, we meet with the main character, Kieren Walker, a young boy with Partially Diseased Syndrome (PDS for short) who after the treatment is being sent home. Only to find that people hate his kind, there is a Human Volunteer Force which kills zombies, and even his sister is the part of this self-resembled vigilante group.

Things get a lot worse from here. HVF is actively looking for PDS sufferers, and they are hunting them down. The things get a bit denser when the son of HVF leader Bill, comes home from Afganistan. Rick died in the war, but his father can not accept the fact. By the end of the season, families get’s torn apart, romances get reunited and get cold again, and the tension between humans and different humans start to ease off, while the difference and hate is still in the air.

In the second season, we get a closer look at the retaliation group that has been made by PDS sufferers for PDS sufferers. It’s a group that get angry about the different treatment and racism against them, and start planning attacks on humans. They are called the Undead Liberation Army, and is an inland terrorist organization. Their only weapon is a blue powder, which makes them lose their normal state, and converts them back to mindless zombies. Things also get worse, when Victus, a radical anti-PDS party is being elected, and regional MP is being sent to the town.

So the tension and the story is set, and war is in the air. The humans start to take measures, to control the people who is different from them. Their citizenship get’s revoked, and they are being sent to ‘Community work’. Reducing their human rights and further pushing them away in the eyes of the public, creates a tension again. A far worse this time around. Anyway, so this is the story.

The real amazing thing, and this is what it makes it a masterpiece, is that this situation can be put in today’s scenario. Since I’m a Hungarian, let’s check with the Hungarian situation. There’s always been a fight between Roma people and Hungarian people, and it didn’t seem to ease. Around the 2006 anti-government protests, a new party was gaining followers. It was a radical far-right group called Jobbik.

They talked about hungarian superiority, Trianon, the gypsy-problem as they called it, and they are being openly against the European Union. In the series, they would be Victus, the party which is against the PDS-sufferers.

Not a long later, Jobbik created a volunteer vigilante group, called Magyar Gárda. It was a paramilitary wing of the party. They started doing patrols in the smaller villages and cities. In 2008, they did a demonstration in Nyírkáta. The demonstration was about: “The endangered state of public order and safety in the countryside. The trigger was an incident from a few days earlier. Crossing a small village, a Hungarian had accidentally hit a Roma girl with his car. The youngster stepped in front of the car, and there was no way for the guy to stop. The Roma family attacked the driver and beat him up. It was the second, very similar story which happened around this time. The Magyar Gárda went to villages, patrolled there, and caused fear in the Roma community.

In Pátka, somebody set on fire with gasoline and Molotov-cocktail, three houses, where Roma people lived. But this wasn’t enough. The people wanted to protest on the streets where Roma people lived in Pátka. When they were closed, a couple of Roma male stopped the group with pitchforks and other instruments.

So we have Victor, HVF and the PDS-syndrome Roma people. But it happened years ago. The problem is that, nothing have changed in here, the Hungarians still fear from the Roma, the cultural difficulties are still haven’t been dealt with. The problem is that not many people tried to change the Hungarian-Roma relationship. Around 80–90% of the Hungarians still have racist thoughts about the biggest minority in Hungary. And no government in the last hundred years tried to do anything about it.

But what about migration?

Right now, the Hungarian government is trying to push every singe migrant out from their country, to ensure that Hungary is the county of the Hungarian people. The PM of Hungary, Mr. Viktor Orban is continuously expressing his thoughts on this topic. He says that, the Hungarians don’t want any migrants in their country, and Hungarians don’t want to be a multicultural society. He also says, Hungarians are christian, god fearing people.

While hundreds give up their lives, in the hope of a better one, the Hungarian Government sent out forms to every Hungarian citizen who is over the age of 18, asking them their opinion on the topic. The problem is, that the questions of the so-called “National Consultation” are misleading and provoking. It’s a shameful propaganda. I tried to translate some questions, as near the real one as possible:

Did you know, that subsistence migrants are crossing the border illegally, and their numbers grew twenty-fold recently?

The answers here: Yes, Heard about it, and I didn’t know. Next up:

There are many opinions regarding the question of migration. Some thinks, these subsistence migrants are endangering hungarian people’s workplaces and lives. Do you agree?

The answers: Absolutely agree, rather agree, and I disagree.

Last question of the twelve: Do you agree with the Hungarian Government in that, instead of migrants, they should support the Hungarian families and soon-to-be-born children?

The questions are absolutely dumb. If we put in the perspective the money that has been spent in this propaganda action, this get’s even sadder. The European Union, which the government aren’t really on the best terms with, gives 4027 million forints (13 million euros) to handle migration. To secure the borders as much they need to, and handle those who ask for migration into the country. The Hungarian government spends an another 481 million forints (1.5 million euros) on the topic, while they spent approximately the double of this money for the “National Consultation”.

The Minister of Justice said, that we can’t take care of any migrants, because we have to take care of 800 000 Roma people. Suddenly, Roma became a priority, but still nothing have happened in any cases. The only thing that happened is that the PM in his last visit in Debrecen, have spoken about closing the migration-camp near the city.

According to the new EU rule, we would have to accept 1137 migrant per year. This is not a huge number, and all of these people could be a good use for the community. Considering that there is almost 500.000 Hungarians living abroad, as migrants, the yearly 1137 that the hungarian government should accept is totally fair. But the government argues. Politicians come with the example of the others. The danish government just pushed a new law to the parliament, that every migrant would have to work at least ten days to make up for the cost of keeping them. The British decided a couple of days ago, that it’s a crime to give illegal migrants work. The illegal migrant is also committing a crime, while working.

This anti-roma stance in Hungary, and anti-migrant thing in the European Union will not ease the conflicts, but create even more of them. After those families left everything behind, and here, in the “rich West” they are being treated like dogs, who are being put to camps and being pushed to the edge of the society, it’s a matter of days, when some of them are going to stand up, and revolt from these inhuman actions. They should be threaten like humans, not like some annoyance.

If we don’t change, we can prepare to join the HVF to kill them, we can prepare for death, because of an ULA terrorist attack, and the winning for parties like Victus, who will instead of easing the conflict, will only put gas on the fire, and burn the house down.

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