How the hungarian government controls attention.

This is a story all about how, one day after a referendum on Sunday shopping ban got prevented by twenty skinheads, the government decides to have a referendum on EU mandatory immigration quota.

I wrote a piece yesterday on how one socialist politician got blocked by twenty, rather muscular dudes, when he wanted to give in his referendum suggestion on Sunday shopping ban (or actually lifting the ban).

One day after this happens, one or two week after a educational workers protest, the decaying health-care system, so growing dissatisfaction, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán decides to do a quick press event. It has been a long time since he has done anything like this. The topic was a secret until the event.

Today, at 1pm, he appeared on the screens of the National Television and in a room filled with press workers. He was in a hurry, he wanted to make it quick.

He and the government decided that we are going to have a referendum on the question of mandatory migration quota. This quota is about what the European Commission voted on 22nd of last September. The question have been voted in support for the majority of the Commission.

According to this, Hungary would have to accept 1294 refugee into Hungary. Ever since this was voted, the government launched a poll to oppose it. These polls have been placed around the country, and “Fidesz activist” were there to collect it. They have collected 2 million signatures and been using it as a fact that hungarians do not want migrant into the country ever since, in Brussels.

So now the government launches a referendum about 1294 people, who Hungary has to accept either way.

In the last article I wrote that the government is scared to make referendums, because if they would lose, their For the people propaganda would break. This is why they prevented having a referendum on Sunday shopping ban 19 times. It’s clearly something they would probably not win, because it causes major inconvenience for majority of the people.

This vote is safe for them. They are doing anti-migrant propaganda over television since the December of 2014, they’ve done two or three advertising campaign with huge billboards since then, and they did a poll about “migration and terrorism” which they’ve sent out to every hungarian citizen.

So what is this now?

This vote is here because of two things. First, it’s a safe thing for the government. They’ve been doing anti-migration propaganda for more than a year. Far-right voters also agree with the government actions, so they’ll vote in favor of them and against the EU. Some of the left voters are also annoyed and scared by the huge number of migrants coming into Europe.

Second of all, this is a distraction tactic by them. The students and teachers are protesting and planning a strike on 29th of February. The organization which owns and controls all the public schools (KLIK) is in 17 billion Forint debt, and that debt grows 20 000 Forints each minute. The status of health-care is getting worse by a minute. There are some scandals around the secretive, officially not-employed advisor, Árpád Habony. They’ve just brought, or actually Andy Vajna did, one of the television channels, TV2, using tax money. Oh, and let’s not forget about what happened yesterday

This new referendum will distract people from these topics, because now everyone will focus on this new referendum. Probably a new ad campaign will launch too.

It doesn’t look dangerous, as long as people don’t let their guards down. It a clear insight of how the government tries to control people's’ attention
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