What do Uber, Volkswagen and Zenefits have in common? They all used hidden code to break the law.
Quincy Larson

“Bend realty to your will”. You’re not a software developer, are you?

We spend our life trying to make stuff just work in a straight line.

We spend days working around platform bugs; finding a way to deal with disagreements between people on what specs mean; trying to find a way to pass pen-tests when people won’t tell you what’s actually the problem; trying to implement ridiculous requirements because some misguided customer thinks it’s a good idea and some salesman’s bonus depends on it. trying to get the job done and go home.

It’s mighty grubby at the coalface. I’m not surprised that sometimes people lose a sense of perspective.

Maybe you should turn your guns on the lazy people on generous state pension packages who, for example, couldn’t be bothered to come up with anything like realistic emissions tests. Who accepted a world where it was widely known that *all* diesel cars were, in real life, 5x off their quoted emissions output.

It’s easy to be self-righteous when you aren’t trying to get your job done. And it’s not always easy to see how wrong a couple of lines of code are, when you’ve been tasked with optimising the performance of a piece of software in a certain environment. Yes, really — just a little optimisation. It’s all a matter of perspective.

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