Chelsea Troiano

I want to let you know, Chelsea, that inevitably one of my buddies, if they happen to be in a social setting and start talking about “how pretty my sisters are,” I have to either admit or show picture evidence to the occasional “seer to be a believer.” It’s a reality that almost all brothers deal with when they have pretty sisters. The other day I was scrolling through photos on my computer and a friend stopped me to return to a photo of you in it. It will never end. I accept the fact that you are outright gorgeous. But you are so much more than that. I find inspiration from you being a doctor to having steadfast relationships with your besties and Taylor. These are what really make you beautiful. Your beauty sets you apart, but your effort and example is what really does the pacing.

Chelsea was born to Laura and Frank Troiano in Indianapolis, IN. She is the second of four children. There Chelsea began to know life in a large suburban home. Chelsea competed veritably in multiple sports growing up. She dabbled in gymnastics, soccer, tennis, running, and cheerleading. One despairing day Chelsea made a mistake while doing a routine at the gymnasium and ended up hurting her foot badly. Stitches and blood were involved. A great souvenir from that experience, however, is a backwards Nike sign in between her big and ring finger toes. As she developed into high school, Chelsea specialized into cheerleading alongside her older sister Rachael. There Chelsea found her loud, outspoken and no-nonsense attitude. This leadership role translated well into her future plans with her friendships and in becoming a doctor.

Always a leader, Chelsea has a core group of friends she made at St. Matthews School and then at Cathedral High School. These friends remain her closest crew. What Chelsea expects is loyalty and commitment. It’s quite cool to see photos of her and her friends as they have become women and to see their relationships continuing. Her best and most dynamite friend lives alongside Chelsea in Boston. They have known each other since grade school and can be considered “peas in a pod.” But her relationships do not only extend to her friends. Being a brother to Chelsea, her love is felt through her bulldog-like interrogation of what I am doing and her unsolicited advices! The last two types of relationships are wonderful to witness, but I really enjoy seeing her enthusiasm and will with her husband, Taylor. She is a beast on her own and has it all under control, but her childlike demeanor and joy when she sees Taylor is so special. Her eyes light up like a million fireworks have gone off when he walks into the room. If that exuberance was equally distributed to everyone on the planet, then everyone would be happy and loving to one another. Thanks, Chelsea, for being a great example.

Do not let her diminutive frame mistake her for being overlooked. When Chelsea charges into the room, you goddamn know she is there. Have you ever drank a shaken soda pop and it goes up your nose and burns like a mother? Well, I vision that when I think of Chelsea. And currently she is using this catalyzed energy as a doctor in Boston. Before Boston, she studied medicine at Indiana University and found her discipline in Otolaryngology (Ears, Nose, and Throat). An amazing fact about her journey to becoming a doctor is that it started when she was a child. When children say what they want to do like to become a doctor, football star, or a lawyer; I do not believe the children actually fulfill these dreams often. Chelsea, on the other hand, declared she would become a doctor and held to that belief. It is tearjerking to fathom a young girl had a dream so real and fulfilled it so resolutely. Good on you Chelsea!

Hey Chelsea, this writing has been about you wholly, and this last bit is so you know I love you, if you did not know by now. Thanks for being you. I admire your persistence day in and day out, and then your ability to come home and slam a bottle of wine; and then proceed to use the empty bottle as a microphone for your new favorite song to sing! It’s so funny. It’s so genuine. It’s so Chelsea. I know you are working so hard for yourself and everyone around you. I understand how the universe works, and it’s those small repeated footsteps that gets you to elysium. I once read in a book that willpower, the ability to make something happen through your will, is a larger prediction of success than pure intelligence. You mentioned before how you are not that smart but work hard. I beg to differ. You are crazy smart and have a tireless work ethic. These two attributes are rare within one individual. If you did not have those two attributes, you would still be considered rare to me. I am so grateful to call you my big sister. I love you.