My job as CEO

Over the last few years there is a Google Doc that I pull up whenever work life gets a bit hairy. Below describes the essence of my job as a startup CEO and I thought I would share it (knowing that I copied and hacked it from a couple different resources many moons ago):

#1 Set strategy and vision.

The leadership team needs to help develop strategy and vision but you ultimately finalize and set it. “We are going up that mountain over there. Let’s go!” Then the team is responsible for figuring out how to make it happen. Monitor your success as a visionary by questioning and listening for employees to link their jobs with the company vision.

#2 Create culture.

If vision is where the company is going, values tell how the company gets there. You need to seed the values, develop the values and intentionally weave them into the fabric of the company. Hire by them, promote by them, fire by them.

#3 Build and lead the management team.

The CEO hires, fires, and leads the senior management team. They, in turn, hire, fire, and lead the rest of the organization. Getting the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus is essential on the journey up the mountain.

#4 Make sure there is money in the bank.

Ultimate responsibility to make sure we have money and steward it well. The right resources, people and capital, are 100% required to make it up the mountain.

p.s. The ongoing “mountain” analogy may be related to starting the company and living in Nepal for years :-)

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