Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo

Everyone talked about all the good and bad of both candidates don’t make a crying effort saying it wasn’t fair. people it truly was not far on where candidates such as Johnson and the other parties. The american people never got a true glimpse of what those candidates stood for and could bring to table. As you said most candidates have their flaws but the other parties have little to no chance of making debate. Perot made debates because the other candidates wanted him there. If either of these two had half what most in our country have forgotten or lost they would of invited the other two candidates to debate and welcomed competition. We have fell to a two party system that has made it hard or impossible for others to get views and points out in public view. So if you want to cry and whine about what could of and should of been whine for the two other parties that didn't have a chance when it started.

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