How A Photoshop Design Converted into A CMS Design?

Drupal can make a good CMS website and Photoshop can be used for creating appealing designs. Finally the Photoshop designs can be converted into CMS codes for use on CMS website.

Drupal as an open source content management system has got attention of the web developers. It is convenient to design and easy to use and it has many advantages over traditional websites. Drupal is just perfect for making any portal like a corporate website and also a simple blog.


In web, content is king and for this reason most sites are based on CMS and Drupal is the best CMS available in market. But the problem is that Photoshop provides the best designs. A picture can describe a product better than an article or content can do. A website has to be beautiful in order to attract attention of its targeted customers.

How to make a combination of Photoshop and Drupal?

The answer is to transform Photoshop designs into CMS. It is possible to covert a Photoshop design into Drupal and there are companies that can provide Photoshop conversion into CMS codes. Conversion is a difficult process but there is no other way of incorporating Photoshop designs into a CMS based website.

Why convert Photoshop design?

  • Distort the website design
  • Make it slow
  • Make site difficult to navigate
  • Reduce search engine ranking of website
  • Reduce its user value

The process of converting a Photoshop design into a CMS design is lengthy and difficult but it isn’t impossible and since it adds value to CMS, one should think of converting his Photoshop designs into CMS for taking advantage of CMS.

If your website is designed in Photoshop and you want the site in Drupal then you should look for a web development company that can Markupfirm-convert PSD into Drupal. There are many companies that provide conversion service and the fees of these sites vary from one service provider to another.

Find your service provider

Before you start looking for conversion service, you should understand value of this service for your website. The converted file would be uploaded on your website where it would create an image that your visitors would see. If the file isn’t optimized as it should then it would do no good for your site.

To convert PSD into Drupal, a programmer has to write CMS codes with hands. The Photoshop design is first sliced into small files and then each file is hand-coded and saved as an individual file. But some service providers use software for coding. Software saves time but the results are always doubtful.