Ideas to take your sex life to another level — While asleep

Hi, I’m Markus. I am in a relationship with Pam for several years and we have been experimenting. I always thought that nothing is too weird that doesn’t deserved to be tried. Sometime things don’t works but sometime they do, and when they do, it is fantastic. Here is the second idea

#2 While asleep

Having sex While my partner is sleeping is something that make me very horny but it is also kind of complicate.

First of all remember to talk about this with your partner and get a reciprocal approval before trying it. The fact that she or he is your partner, doesn’t mean they agree on everything.

Pam and me agreed on trying. The difficult part is doing without waking up the partner.

Here are 4 variants:

  1. Pretending: A soft version is the one were one of us just pretend being asleep. Much simpler and still pretty good.
  2. HJ: I would go to bed earlier and pretend sleeping or really sleeping. Then she would just perform an HJ and I will exercise my ability to stay completely silent and motionless.
  3. From back: Another type is my penetration from back that, if Pam is already naked and in the right position, doesn’t require much movement.
  4. Just coming: Sometime I just came on Pam’s pussy while she is sleeping. Sometime she doesn’t wake up. Once, in the morning, she told of a dream where someone was trowing a bucket of water at her.

Did you have tried something similar? Share your experiences and ideas in the comments below.

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