Experiencing in “The Digital Thailand BigBang 2017”

For this week blog I want to tell about the event that I have attend last thursday. It was such an wonderful experience that not only I enjoyed the time there, but I got knowledge from this event too. Most of the time that I got knowledge from something that would be boring. This event was huge and contain many comapnies that have new innovation or idea. This innovation and idea let people that attend this event on the future of technologies that is coming in the near future. There are lots of booth that I have visit and there are lots of booth for me to go to. But for this blog I will just review some of the things that I am interested in. Not only that ordinary people like us have visit this place, but our belove prime minister is here as well.

First of all when I went there I saw an booth that draw lots of attention not only grown ups, but there are children too. This booth give you the chance to try the new technologies that is new to Thailand that is The Vr. Vr stand for virtual reality when you wear the vr glass you will see everything differently. This booth let you travel in places that you want to go it is like google map that can let you try seeing some place else. This Vr technology is in developing process and it could be things that let you learned something from it. For example, making an simulator for medical students that need to try making a surgeon of something. There are lots of possibility for this technology in the future.

For the second that I am interested in was booth that was affiliated with fashion. This booth create shirt that are control by smart phones. It can change colors in many colors. When I saw this innovation for the first time I was like if it could change the image of the shirt that would be cool. And I have asked the staff about that, they said it might be possible in the near future. If this was successful I think this product will be very popular and that this technology will be in everything.

The next booth that I have visited is an commercial bank company in Thailand that is the most succesful bank in Thailand that is Kasikorn booth. They came here to promote their application in smartphone or K plus. This application is a very succesful application that many people have it on their smartphone. The application is like a mini bank that you can do all the transaction within your finger tips. You do not need to go to the bank and waited in line anymore with this application. This application is very useful and is a time saver, I have been using this application since it was launch. But some people are scared of using this application because people are scared of others to hack on to their acount and rob them. I have asked them about this and they respond to me that customer do not need to be worry because our application have some security messure. Customer could assure that there is not such a thing.

Lastly, this one I think that it is a booth that grab my attention a lot. It was a booth about electricity engine that can generate enough energy to run a motorcycle. This is a Thais people company that produce electricity vehicle. I have seen the owner riding the bike around the booth and it was pretty amazing. This motorcycle could ride in the same road as we are because this company have already have it test and certify. I asked when does this bike will be selling, but he said not yet. This product is just a prototype and in the near future he will sell it probably. This made me proud because it was made by Thai people and I will definitely buy it.

In conclusion, this event that had been held days ago is very useful for not only students that got to gather knowledge here, but for new investor finding an company to invest in. Company could expand and could build new innovation in the future because it is Thailand 4.0 now. We need innovation to help us learn more, to be more comfortable, to help the Earth, and to be more creative. There is lots of innovation yet to be discover and maybe this event spark some group of kids idea for that.

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