How technology changes everything.

Technology is absolutely important part of our live now, no matter what your age is or where you are technoly will come to you some how. People have acheived a lot from techonolohgy. For example, the technology to travel freely around the world, the technology for healthcare, the technology for comforting us, and many more you can possibly imagine in the near future. But not only in ways to comfort us technology can help the people that are in need too.

For the last decade technology have a big role in promoting staff or communicating with people around the world to make they are connected together. Same as media, people have been access to many and many of media. For example, Facebook, instragram, twitter, and etc. People could easily access this around the world, so there are media covering up every inches of the Earth. Once media was being used a lot people see that getting help on media could be useful because people are giving more attention to online media than offline media. This would tottally help change how people advocate in modern world.

For instance, lately there are many LGBT group that want there rights as everyone else. No people shaming them, discriminating them becuase of there sexual preference. This is a big issue because it is happening all over the world. In some country LGBT would not be acceptable and that is what they want to change. So they use social media to be there voice to communicate to others that misinterpret them. For example, Facebook there is a Page that are called LGBTQ@Facebook, and this page the admin try to connect all the people together, said that LGBT group are likes other no matter their sexual preference. This page have over twenty-three millions like for them, as you can see people are concerned about this issued. As you can see there are some of my friends that have like this page, this show that there are people giving attention all ovver the world.


Not only this facebook page that people are getting all the attention to, but there are LGBT parades that people love and spreading all the words too. Media make them connect easier becuase there are website showing that where are they gonig, when the parade are going to happen, and the information necessarily. This help people to know when is the event are happening and would be very useful to people that are fighting for their rights. This would surely help them connect with each others and can be beneficial for their rights. If some country want to fight for their rights they could set up a parade then.

Lastly, there are more ways to communicate with people that is by hash tag. It is common to see hash tag nowadays in Twitter, Facebook or instragram and lgbt group uses these way to show who they are and they are feeling pride for it. When ever people click on the hashtag people will see there are lots of post that have been using the hashtag and this would be useful to showing that you support the idea or for their rights. For example, the hashtag that have been using a lot is LGBT,LGBTQ,NYCPRIDE,Bornthisway, and many others more. This show that people are giving attention to the topic and want to fight for the right for LGBT group.

In conclusion, technology have affected the media so much in a good way to make people communicate more easily and give the ways to show people supported the idea. It could make people be more connected than ever. To reach out for the people that are ineed, but people need to know how to use it as first, to make online and offline media more effective.

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