Mistakes you should avoid while purchasing inflatable decors and flags

Organizing a promotional event for your organization can be quite challenging, as you require being capable enough to draw attention of everyone. Arranging for the event can become even more challenging when the event targets considerably large number of audience. In such cases, many marketers opt for banner and inflatable advertising. However, any promotional effort cannot bring success unless you implement it flawlessly. Thus, before arranging events with the inflatable items and banners, know the common mistakes you should avoid.

What are the commonly used inflatables in promotional programs?

The inflatable decors seek attention from the people of almost every age. If used strategically, such decors can ensure a grand success for your event. In most cases, the inflatable decors are used at entrances of the venue.

Many type of inflatable decors are available in market. Among those the items which are used most commonly are- product replicas, mascots, inflatable costumes etc. The large decors like, bouncy castles, inflatable tents and inflatable play courts are also used quite often in these programs. Like inflatable decors, the ad flags and banners too are of different types. A range of usual rectangular, square shaped and tear drop flags are now available. On basis of the likes and dislikes of your audience, anything from these can be selected.

Selection of inflatables and banners:

Though inflatables can attract people of every age, still you have to be selective while choosing such decors. Keep the likes and dislikes of your audience in mind while designing these decors. Choose one or two theme colors and use those extensively in the inflatables, so that those can be recognized easily. You can incorporate shape of the products, or logo of your business also into the inflatables and flags or banners for promoting the brand using it.

Avoid the following mistakes while purchasing promotional tools:

Purchasing the decors and using those in the promotional events may not be so easy. You have to consider a number of factors to get all benefits from inflatable advertising and promotions using flags or banners. Here, know the common mistakes that you should avoid while arranging such products.

Avoid purchasing numerous small inflatables: The inflatables are not only used as gateways for the promotional programs. But, these are for attracting the audience from long distance too. It can be done the best when you use large inflatable decors, like arches , bouncy gates etc. However, the giant sized inflatables usually require huge area for being installed. Arranging for such large area may not be possible for the marketers always. That’s why; they often use multiple small inflatables which are visible only from close distance. Apart from this, investing on numerous items also reduce cost effectiveness of the promotional programs. To avoid such losses, marketers usually suggest to invest on few large decors which are able to get attention of the maximum people from distance.

Avoid investing on plain, mass produced items: Sometimes, the business owners invest on simple, mass produced promotional tools as these are available easily. However, such inflatables usually do not create significant impact on the minds of customers. Thus, there are high chances that investment made on these items can be wasted totally. Instead you can go for the customized decors which carry the logo or product design of your organization. These unique inflatables catch eyes of audience easily and as a result, your investments on ad flags and banners as well as inflatables will bring proper returns.