9 Things That I Learned Moving To Europe

Catalan National Museum of Art

1.- It doesn’t matter what people can tell you, how much you study other cultures and how many pictures you see, it is never the same as travelling:

2.- The stuff from your country of origin are not necessarily the best in the world:

Chinese New Year 2019 — BCN

3.- Europe is very open to cultural diversity:

4.- Several European countries are very liberal (and that’s awesome!):

5.- Without swimsuit is better:

6.- Speaking without filters is amazing:

7.- There is 2 kind of travelers, the ones that see the cultures from inside and the ones who see them as a theme park:

8.- You don’t need to have a university degree to be someone:

St Peter’s Basilica — Rome, my first trip in Europe outside of Spain

9.- Living better is possible and it is not an exception:

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