FAQ of Life: How to stop caring what others think (LOGICAL EXPLANATION)

What others think is none of your business, at least it does not have to influence your decisions, your lifestyle or your expressions. Of course it is interesting what others think and do. It just has no right to hold you back living the way you want to create your reality.

The simple logical explanation:

If you do or say exactly the same to Person A and Person B, the outcome will be different. Sometimes to the extend, that the result is completely contrary.

This means:

Any thought, expression or reaction caused by your action is being perceived by another human entity which has it’s own path, history and scenario. You express it and it goes though their very own nervous system and is processed in their own individual way.

As we all are here to experience and learn there is no absolute truth made up by a single human.

So there is absolutely no need to take anything seriously in a way that you feel bad about it just because someone else thinks, talks or behaves in a negative way towards you.

You are complete in your incompleteness as we all are.

Originally published at tanzgemein.de.