How To Leave Your Warm Bed Even When It’s Cold Outside

Markus Fordemann
Dec 23, 2018 · 2 min read
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So you developed your perfect morning routine for getting things done and still there is one big obstacle: it is soooooo warm inside the bed you can hardly make the decision to leave that cozy place below your blanket.

What can you do?

a) The most effective way seems to be: put the clothes you want to wear on the next day below your blanket as well. It will be warm and handy to grab.

b) Another option is to put the clothes onto a heating device before going to bed.

c) Look forward to that hot shower which is waiting for you.

d) Prepare your favourite tea in the evening and put it on a stove so you have this warm drink ready to grab next to your bed.

e) Set the very first task you are really wanna do tomorrow the evening before which can be accomplished easily and JUMP out of bed FULL of motivation regarding that task and tell yourself if you repeat that just several times it will become more easy and more easy and finally your new normal standard. Remind yourself of how awesome your dream life is you are already living and extending and building; I made that up to the extend that I don’t wanna go to bed anymore or can’t wait to wake up and leave the bed in the morning, I go to sleep with that anticipation, it’s my last conscious thought and my first conscious thought and therefore I progress a lot of data towards that mindset while sleeping.

f) Don’t smoke weed. Not drinking any alcohol in general helped me big time as well 🙂

g) Prepare an audio book or DJ set or any music you would LOVE to hear, your favourite set or some new release by an artist you really really like. So you can’t wait listening to it. BUT: stand up BEFORE you put it onto your ears 😉

h) Appreciate how nice your bed is. Celebrate your bed. Get a weighted blanket, buy a high quality cushion cover in the style you love. Step out of your bed and be thankful for it and tell yourself you will be back in the evening. Say bye to a good friend who is waiting for you until you come back. The ‘good bye’ is not forever. Thinking in these patterns might sound weird, but that’s how our brain works: tell him stories he can believe and adjust your reality and motivation by that technique.

i) Make your bed:

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