HSP — Living Freely — Lesson #2 (Entrepreneurship)

Markus Fordemann
Jan 16, 2019 · 3 min read

Many highly sensitive humans dream of getting rid of their boss, their colleagues, their cafeteria, the atmosphere in the office, the… you get it, I guess.

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Many highly sensitive people therefore dream of being self-employed and their own boss. And their only colleague.

Sitting in an office stacked with people under neon light, forced to striving for a new Lamborghini. Not for themselves of course. Their boss urgently needs the newest version. I guess, you know a similar scenario.

So one of my lifetime best friends forever kicked my butt and we went to Australia to ‘work from home’.

Yes, we asked the boss if we could work from home, pleeeeease. As we both provided the best revenue stats we were allowed to do so. Adding that ‘ha, our new home is Australia and not Germany’ after his approval just made him laugh and he agreed to that as well. He only said we should take the time zone difference into consideration and keep up the good numbers.

A) I knew, he would agree. And that was my first usage of my abilities towards successful self-employment: reading people

How often did you see things coming? And they went exactly or very similar like you expected? This ability is not only based on historical data and pre-calculations within your brain. Sure, the bio-chemical organic big data analysis is working here as well. Highly sensitive people seem to have this sense of prediction towards events, people’s behavior, trends and developments.

The key here is: trust your instincts.

B) And that’s my second quality which makes me successful: feeling trends early

HSP can surprisingly often say in advance, which product will work well. And which you shouldn’t even think about launching. Often they tell in advance, which color, model or copy text will work at which audience fine or not.

My first bigger project I sold was way ahead of it’s time and still I was able to sell it to another serial entrepreneur, who was surprised that I accomplished the accumulation of a large relevant user base two years before he started his innovative platform.

The key here is, again: trust your instincts.

On my way building brands and helping other companies getting more and better clients I have to be creative constantly. New ad campaign ideas, new ways to put old news into new words, innovative ways of combining existing elements and re-structuring collaborations — all that needs a persistent change of perspectives and a huge pool of new thoughts and ideas.

C) And here comes my third super-power into play: a constant creation of ideas

You also got this little guy inside your head which is constantly talking? Of course it’s better if that guy is doing a positive talk about how awesome life is. But most people’s little guy is a negative bastard. This can be turned around by meditation, mindfulness, strong health (check out the Wim Hof Method).

So this guy also whispers new combinations of already received information directly into your brain? The key is to listen, not to judge. Let him speak. And pick the rosins.

When trained properly, they guy becomes the Senior Innovation Manager of your internal ideas factory.

Many people either call themselves non-creative or tend to generate negative assumptions of what is not existing (yet). Many people struggle with the whole idea generation concept. Most of HSP are the opposite.

They would love to calm that over-motivated annoying slick gel-haired Innovation Manager down.

The key here is: deal with what you have in a constructive and positive manner.

In a nutshell: as soon as I started to trust my abilities and made decisions based on them, I became not only much more successful in reaching my goals but also much more confident as loving myself suddenly made even more sense than ever before.

How often did your gut-feeling or instinct betray you?

How often did you got betrayed by others while not listening to your gut-feeling or instinct?

Your inner compass works. Use it.

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