Using. Fullstops. All. The. Time. Seems to. Be powerful. But the truth is: it isn’t.

It might sound literally down to the point for the writer her- or himself and adds that nitro boost by that staccato vibe.

But read from another perspective the shortest sentences are only powerful when being alone and not surrounded by more of their own species.

For example: take a look at all the self descriptions below the real names of Medium authors.

Example one:

Melissa Meyers

Mother. Writer. Dream chaser. Art enthusiast. Eco-revolutionist.

Example two:

Melissa Meyers

A writing mother chasing her dreams in art and eco-revolution.

Which of the two sound more profound and confident to you?

While example one might appear as a strong expression of self identification example two is perceived as a much clearer image of the writer her- or himself.

All parts are connected in flow and not abstracted into particles. And a personality which gets it’s very own whole picture as a complex being is usually perceived as strong.

An esoteric person might express it in these words: in example one the energy is flattering around and in example two it’s much more consistent.

Imagine someone introducing her- or himself in the kitchen of a private party to you.

Which tendency and person behind the examples above will give you the better impression of a completely self aware person more likely?

While the full stops might be tempting to use in the digital realms it still adds that slight vibe of desperately trying to sound stronger about the own self definition.

A freely flown expression works much, much more natural, confident and in the end more powerful.

What’s your? Opinion on this?