A brief history of global temperature increase and how IOTA can help

After the Climate Change Conference in Paris has set 2015 global Carbon emissions targets and around 200 countries around the world have come out in favor of it, it’s time to draw a small conclusion. This was published by the IPCC on 8th of November 2018 with a special report. This article describes the consequences of 1.5 degrees of warming and what needs to be done to keep the temperature from increasing even further.

Source: NASA

Over 6,000 studies were evaluated. The result is sobering: currently the world is headed for a global warming of three to four degrees to 2100 — that would have dramatic consequences.

When global warming rises by 4 degrees, plants, animals, and humans can no longer adapt: ​​the entire biological system is overwhelmed. A worldwide extinction of species is the result — especially in wetlands, forests and in the sea. Colossal weather disasters are on the agenda.

Around 3.2 billion people are at risk of increasing water scarcity, about one-fifth of the world’s population at risk of flooding. The sea level rises by about a meter, flat island states will disappear with it.

NASA has put a time machine online to raise the temperature. Here this can be viewed

So that it does not come so far, rapid action of the policy is required, so the conclusion of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Cryptocurrencies can play a major role in combating global warming, but on the other hand, many cryptocurrencies, such as e.g. Bitcoin, for mining a very large amounts of energy is needed. That’s why many experts believe that cryptocurrencies could exacerbate climate change. The cryptocurrency mining of Bitcoin consumes at least 2.55 gigawatts and may need an immense 7.67 gigawatts in the foreseeable future. The economist Alex de Vries has calculated this and published the methodology of his analysis in the scientific journal Joule. One day even 5 percent of the world’s energy consumption could be attributed to the crypto currency, warns De Vries.

This is different with IOTA because there is no mining on this DLT based on the Tangle. In addition, this technology can help tackle major global issues such as climate change. How can IOTA help? To explain this, I introduce a few areas:

  • Smart City: Through the intelligent networking of municipal infrastructure and the use of modern technologies, there is the chance of sustainable urban development in the 21st century. This would help to better manage challenges related to transport and environmental problems, demographic change and climate change.
  • Smart Cars: The electrification of passenger cars could make a contribution to the energy transition if the electric vehicles are intelligently integrated into the energy system. This means that electric vehicles are powered in times of wind and sun.
  • Smart Energy: In order to avoid emissions, wind and solar energy are an important element here. In order to make use of this renewable energy in a decentralized energy system, the decentralized energy supply must be smartly networked.

These are just a few examples, but they show that networking and the speed of transactions are the real benefits for climate protection. IOTA with the Tangle can become an important building block for handling fast data and cash flows. IOTA has the properties needed for it, so it is ideal for many other applications. In addition to the positive characteristics of Tangles for data communication, the data itself plays a decisive role in systems for climate protection. Many of these application examples are currently in the testing phase.

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