Future activities of the independent “public IOTA project”

The independent Project public IOTA aim to push IOTA and the Tangle forward …

The Independent “public IOTA project” is run by a small group of independent IOTA enthusiasts. That project has been going for more than 6 months, so we would like to take a look back to the past months and offer you a sneak peek into the coming months and the year 2019. It is fair to say that many things are not yet fully developed, however, I would like to draw the attention to the fact that we have already achieved some goals. Addendum: In 2018, we spent about 1,000 hours on the project.

Website: publiciota.com

Remember: with our project “public IOTA” we want to promote IOTA and the possibilities of the tangle. We want to make many people curious about IOTA and Tanglet’s outstanding technique. Furthermore we want to inform all interested people to make IOTA better known to the public and want to create potential, additional financial value for developers and IOTA owners. We see ourselves as an additional and independent building block to the very good offer of the IOTA Foundation, the Ecosystem and the many activists in the IOTA environment.

In this article, we would like to show you how you can benefit even more from the public IOTA project. We are implementing our set goal “… to move IOTA and the Tangle forward” in six areas: database, application, research, revenues, investment and rumours.

Looking back at the past months

In May, we launched our website publiciota.com as foundation for our work. In the following, we will briefly summarise our work in the aforementioned areas.


With this area, we want more people to know about IOTA as well as offer everyone who is interested a place to refer to if they want to learn more about IOTA:

  • As part of our public relations, we wrote and published a variety of articles on our website. Furthermore we have published an additional 22 articles on medium and are active on social media such as Facebook and twitter in order to provide information as well as counter FUD.
Projectpage: Wikiota
  • The project Wikiota had been initiated back in July. Wikiota will comprehensively elaborate on commonly used terms in relation with IOTA. All explanations are targeted primarily at beginners; however, they serve as reference for all levels of experience.


Applications are at the heart of IOTA’s future. This area will deal with IOTA´s core sections: Mobility & Automotive, Global Trade & Supply Chains, E-Health, Smart

  • Over the course of the last few months, we have identified many applications and are working on several projects, which we will soon present and explain to the public. Read more on http://publiciota.com/application
  • This September, we launched our laboratory www.laboratory.publiciota.com where we will be sharing applications and presentations live in order to illustrate the advantages of the Tangle. These smaller tools are very versatile and can be combined in different ways. We will of course publish the code open source on Github in order for developers to build on and benefit from it.


We will discuss certain issues raised more intensively and gather facts. We want to penetrate very deeply into the respective matter.

  • The monthly newsletter with the most important facts called “IOTA Researcher” was initiated in June http://publiciota.com/research and appears free of charge every month.
Pictures from “Vision: IOTA in 10 years”
  • The third part of our research series of ten parts “Vision: IOTA in 10 Years” has already been published http://publiciota.com/vision-iota-part3. Well-known experts have been involved in this series from as early as the very first parts. We were able to bring in exclusive external expertise for future parts of the series.We would like to say thank you to everyone who is involved


Public IOTA is currently working on a project that enables IOTA holders to generate revenue from their MIOTA through the data enhancement service. More on this topic under future activities 2019.


In addition to the direct IOTA investment in the future, for example by banks or other providers, opportunities will be created to participate indirectly in IOTA. These could be, for example, funds or similar instruments.

  • We have integrated several tools to analyse the IOTA’s market price.
  • The IOTA Price Trend where we ask banks about their assessments regarding the future of IOTA’s market price was published in September and will be released monthly.
  • We have conducted first talks with banks. The goal is to initiate products (such as funds) purporting IOTA among others.

Future activities

Many things are still quite premature and not many aspects are fully developed yet. However, we are working on bringing the project forward and expanding. We see ourselves as an additional and independent building block to the very good offer of the IOTA Foundation, the Ecosystem (We are a proud member of the Ecosystem) and the many activists in the IOTA environment. We do not just want to reproduce things, but also create our own content and added value. We want to ensure that many people receive significant added value through the public IOTA project.

Activities until the end of the year 2018:

  • We aim to further develop and professionalise activities that had been started this year.
  • By the end of this year, we plan to bring life to Wikiota and transform it into an interesting reference work for beginners and advanced holders.
  • We will also dedicate to the lab area, which we will professionalise and expand.
  • Moreover, we will launch another application, which will mainly focus on illustrating the exchange of different data and payment flows. It will be an interesting tool, which will link several areas, and, regarding sensor data, the Bosch XDX will play an important role as well.

Activities in In 2019:

We will be approaching the coming year with many plans. We will mainly be focusing on the following areas:

  • We aim to further develop and professionalise activities that had been started in 2018.
  • We plan to organise several public MeetUps you can participate in.
  • We will be publishing a first demo version of a tool for in lab area. Based on the data transfer details and the speed of the IOTA data transfer you can “refine” your IOTA with that Tool as well as generate in future possible income. In this context, the properties of Qubic Smart Contracts will also play a major role in the future
  • We plan to draft and build a platform that allows you to collect venture capital for your IOTA project in an easy and uncomplicated way and giving your investors shares in the future marketing of the IOTA tool. This will be an opportunity for everyone with a good idea for a project to implement it.
  • Furthermore, we aim to reinforce the area of press and PR, as well as our presence on social media.

But this is still a long way off.

Funding of public IOTA:

One of the crucial aspects we still need to work on is a reliable funding for the public IOTA project for the year 2019 at least. The project is not only very demanding but also requiring a lot of money, which will soon make it impossible for us to fund the project out of our own pockets. We would like to continue to offer our work for free use for everyone and we also do not want to advertise on our website, except for advertisers working in the IOTA environment.

We hope to receive enough support through donations, banners on our website from advertisers working in the IOTA environment. etc. to ensure financial stability for 2019. We would like to thank everyone in advance for their contribution, which ensure that we can continue this project. To ensure stability, we continue to consider setting up a supporter / member area with monthly contributions. This people and companies could then additionally use certain added-value functionality.

IOTA donation address:


Thank you!

The „public IOTA project“ is not part of the IOTA Foundation or linked to any other way, it is an independent project to support IOTA and it´s applications.

We look forward to your message. Contact: info@publiciota.com

Our vision: „The real IOTA revolution will take place when applications are realized that benefit the industry as well as investors, and when the broader population understands and accepts IOTA as well as recognizes benefits in their daily lives. We want to support this process as an independent group“




Interested in cryptocurrencies especially IOTA and member of the public IOTA project.

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Interested in cryptocurrencies especially IOTA and member of the public IOTA project.

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