Overview of “public IOTA Project” Medium stories

Hereby we would like to give you a thematically sorted overview of the articles that we have published this year at Medium. The links lead to the corresponding article

General information about IOTA:

From Blockchain to IOTA the big picture

Why IOTA becomes the global standard …

The IOTA Ecosystem is a huge milestone towards global standard

IOTA and IOTA applications help save our planet and create a more peaceful world

Easy way to buy IOTA

Supply chain

IOTA’s future in the supply chain and the activities of the Industrial IOTA Lab Aachen (IILA)

Big Data, IOTA and a great application in machine tool engineering

Smart Energy

IOTA: Allrounder in the energy transition

Smart Cities

IOTA and Smart Cities

BiiLabs ID System based on IOTA supports Taipei on the way to Smart City

How IOTA makes its entry into the Smart Cities

Big Data / Smart Data

How IOTA combined with Smart Data can help to save carbon emissions and create new business modells

Big Data, IOTA and revenues from the processing of data

The fear of digitization and cryptocurrencies could affect IOTA as well


IOTA expands industrial partnerships …

IOTA and UNOPS an important cooperation

Projects with IOTA

IOTA — “To da Moon”


Why IOTA-Qubic’s outsourcing computer concept is becoming revolutionary

Smart Contracts and IOTA

About the public IOTA Project

Update Wikiota — Supporters are welcome

Future activities of the independent “public IOTA project”

Demonstration and Testing of IOTA Applications in the New Public IOTA Lab

… to move IOTA forward. Report from the publicIOTA project

IOTA applications, database and future things — a small public IOTA update

Strategy of “public IOTA” in 2018

public IOTA — to move IOTA forward

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