IOTA on its way to the mass market

Hardly any other term is mentioned as often as the Internet of Things (IoT). A term that stands for a whole vision and can fundamentally change our lives. It has the potential to become the fastest growing market of the next decades. A link in the IOT represents the Blockchain technology, with its data transfer and payment features.

The first generation blockchain cryptocurrency technology Bitcoin uses a consensus algorithm, which requires subscribers to have demonstrable compute work to confirm transactions. Although this provides good protection against hackers, but consumes a lot of energy and allows only a low transaction speed. It is therefore not suitable for everyday use in mass markets. Much more energy-efficient and faster is already IOTA with the Tangle.

Even now there are 5,6 billion smartphone users worldwide that connect to the internet. Each spends an average of 3 hours on their mobiles daily, engaging with platforms. According to statistics, by 2025 about 75 billion devices will communicate with each other in the IOT.

Source: Statistica 2019

In order to make the Tangle technologie able to economically realize millions of micro transactions in mass markets in the future, the further development of existing technology concepts is currently being promoted. For example the Coordicide, Qubic with it´s Smart-Contracts and other things.

With the Tangle technology not only current production and supply chain processes can be further automated, but also create and implement completely new business models. With the help of Smart-Contracts (which are being created under Qubic), machines could sell their own capacity as a service. They could accept production orders from other machines or participants, do their job and settle accounts. Finally, IOTA could even handle the corresponding payment transactions quickly and securely.

Some Data will no longer be divisible for free in the future. This promotes cooperation between companies and individuals, and IOTA becomes a technology of mutual exchange.

Public IOTA and the Tangle Universe Project

The Tangle Universe project was launched by public IOTA, an independent group that wants to move IOTA and Tangle technologies forward.

This project aims to bring transparency to the areas of services, projects and supporters.It is a database project that should facilitate the search for suitable services in the Tangle environment. The aim is to further disseminate the technology of IOTA and Tagles and also to point out to newcomers as well as companies the important services, projects and contact points for questions.

In the future,the Tangle Universe project wants to bring together people, projects, applications and above all ideas from the IOTA and the Tangle environment with potential users of applications. The goal is to develop new ideas specifically for the respective applications. Basically similar to a permanent trade fair in the area of ​​DLT, IOTA and the Tangle where the “exhibitors” are the partners of Tangle Universe and ideas are developed.

The Tangle Universe project will be the IOT-Team that will showcase diverse applications, businesses and services of the Tangle in the IOT, and help develop future ideas.


You can help: of course, we are happy about donations for the realization of this project. The following options are available:


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The „Tangle Universe project“ is not part of the IOTA Foundation or linked to any other way, it is an independent project to support IOTA and it´s applications.

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