public IOTA — to move IOTA forward

IOTA and the tangle offer many opportunities not only in the area of the Internet of Things and technologically, it represents a new dimension in the applications of crypto currencies. The IOTA Foundation, its members and community do an excellent job to IOTA, both technologically and to advance in development and application. We got to know the IOTA community very helpful, friendly and with a great professional background.

We are a small group of independend IOTA supporters who are excited about this cryptocurrency and its possibilities. With our project “public IOTA” we want to promote IOTA, the possibilities of the tangle and create potential, additional financial value for IOTA owners. For this we want to build a platform with the following content at

We are not part of the IOTA Foundation or linked in any other way to the Foundation. Of course we will look for contact to the Foundation and the members. But we are an independent project which would like to support IOTA. This independence can be a certain advantage in the neutral presentation. The IOTA itself, the Marketplace, the Ecosystem, the CarrIOTA just to mention a few things are outstanding things that IOTA brings or has brought on the way. Our platform „public IOTA“ sees itself merely as an additional tool. It should not become a platform for cryptologists, mathematicians, developers or programmers.

Our Goals with “public IOTA”:

Make IOTA better known to a broader public

In our view, it is desirable that IOTA comes out of a certain niche and reaches the general public. We would like to support this with various media formats based on publications by the IOTA Foundation and its members as well as with our own research.

In our view, this is not only desirable in order to get more private investors interested in IOTA, but also to highlight IOTA for applications on the Internet of Things and other applicatons. A technology that you talk about, which is well known, will prevail more quickly.

When the baker tells the customer about the applications of IOTA, the hairdresser is enthusiastically talking about his fullnode and the grandma is dancing the tangle and telling her grandchildren about the IOTA facility, then IOTA came out of the niche and arrived in the general public.

Present selected IOTA applications in detail to show the future benefit

There will be so many great applications with IOTA, so it will not be possible to display all these good opportunities on one platform. But we will try to present important applications in detail. True to the motto “ideas go around the world”. So it will be easier to find investors or partners for great applications in order to make them implement professionally.

It also shows the possibilities that can be realized with IOTA and tangle to the public.

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Counteract FUD and openly expose and prove the truth

FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, an insecure or deterrent communication strategy. IOTA has been exposed to a major FUD campaign in recent months. We will work to expose false arguments and lies. Of course, as an independent project, we also can also ask critical questions but important is the technical and factual discussion about these things.

Show IOTA owners the possibilities of future revenue through IOTA.

Of course, IOTA as a cryptocurrency is a speculative object with great uncertainties. We believe the IOTA price has great potential, after the IOTA Foundation’s realized the announced things and other partnerships are coming. This, in our view, can continue to increase with great development, greater publicity and great applications.

But IOTA is not only a cryptocurrency but also a tangle that can get a variety of applications as a data carrier. This results in further possibilities that can be of benefit to IOTA owners. We will present the possibilities on our platform.

Possibilities of investing in the envirement of IOTA and tangle applications

Perhaps in the future, for example by banks or other providers, opportunities will be created to participate indirectly in IOTA. These could be, for example, funds or similar instruments. Investing in projects that use IOTA will certainly be possible in some cases. We will show some of these things.


In April 2018 it is intended to launch a first version of this platform. If you like our project, we would be happy to get support! The donations will be used to finance and realize the public IOTA Project. Also for coffee to do our nightly work.


It should be mentioned again. We are not part of the IOTA Foundation or linked in any other way, but an independent project. You should do your own research before making investments, especially with regard to crypto currencies