Oh the possibilities of Mixed Reality! Virtual content can be added into your real environment via a device so full of sensors, cameras and microphones that it knows not just everything you say and see, but also how you feel about it.

Fantastical possibilities arise from this! We could finally…

We propose a new way of collaborating. Let’s change the way we work together!

Too many great ideas never get made.
Too many side projects never see the light of day.

What if there was a platform that allowed us all to help each other out?
What if that platform guaranteed that we would own a fair share of every project we worked on?

A little while ago Unity introduced its Package Manager, a nice and simple way to bring reusable packages into a project while keeping track of dependencies and compatible Unity versions.

Looking at the Package Manger package in the Package Manager

How great would it be if we could use this system for our own reusable assets, if we could store…

Unity compiles our scripts into managed assemblies and by default it splits all our stuff into these assemblies:

  • Standard Assets and Plugins
  • Editor for Standard Assets and Plugins
  • Assets
  • Editor

So it has become good practice to put pieces that don’t change very often and aren’t referenced by any game…

Virtual Reality is the future — I am convinced of that. Books, movies, games — they can all give you a look into a different world, but it’s never you in there. It’s always someone else’s story and you’re just looking in from the outside. But in VR it is…

This is a short guide about setting up the Akai LPD8 for use with the MPC 2 software. The LPD8 is a nice and low-cost alternative if you don’t have an MPC Live or X at hand. …

Markus X. Hofer

XR specialist, exploring the multitude of potential futures one prototype at a time.

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