This all works well in theory, but in reality, how can chapters really survive in isolation?
Carl Anthony

This all works well in theory, but in reality, how can chapters really survive in isolation?

They will not survive if they are not interconnected. This is the key to get them cooperating.

Are there federated conflict resolution protocols? How many humans are in each chapter and how are resources managed including human resource?

There will be in a future, for sure, now it has to be solved old school and with code of conduct.

We currently measure the equilibrium by trial and error, experience and plain algorithms. Expect in some weeks to have more answers to this.

I’m working on a crypto currency called PIVX and in particular on it’s governance. It’s a clone of Dash with masternodes. but unlike Dash, PIVX is actually a currency with inflation.


I’ve learnt a great deal being involved in Dash for some time about panarchy and how it can be achieved and even IF it should be aimed for.

And? Should it be aimed for?

I’d very much like for you to join our community and add your views on governance, it’ll give you a live platform to test a lot of these theories and develop them because you WILL realise that people act in strange and less than logical ways, although somewhat predictable.

No, because you want that your project becomes more mature. You don’t want me to see failing with my theories in your project, I guess ;-)

I think people react very irrational — yet somewhat predictable, if one knows all the givens in the formula.

Also People who involve themselves with money will have less of a desire to comply than people who involve them selves with fermat, where a certain amount of understanding is needed to even comprehend the need for decentralised governance.

Check. You nailed it.

Finally, with PIVX its a worldwide currency, which will need to be federated in a truly voluntary way, different time zones, languages and social ettiquetes mean that there is no one size fits all.

Interesting project!

I am certainly willing to take part in any kind of fruity discussion that brings value to my stake and at least the same to the other, if my tight time schedule allows this.

Currently, I work 16 hours per day for Fermat. I will make sure to hop in and check your space out ;-)


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