Stay in Florence, turn into a pigeon. Go to Livorno, receive a puppy!

Hi! — We’re still around!

Some of you read both of our posts so far and maybe even assumed that they would keep on being published regularly. If you thought that, I say you’ve probably never been to Florence.

Now that you have seen the only friendly face of Florence, we can start warning you about not going there!

Oh, and before I forget — last time we ended up in Samoggia, but Florence is actually not the destination we had and chronologically we are jumping through a period of our trip. But this will be a quick one anyways.

We’ll just show you the pictures we took, so you won’t need to see the places yourself..

For example, here’s the river:

As you can see, the post cards actually don’t lie. I gotta give it to the architects, the city looks great.

And then there’s the cathedral:

It really is massive, took us quite a while to get around it and when we did, we forgot how to get back to the hostel.

So basically, what happened was that we decided to land in Florence for a couple of days and start finding the final destination — somewhere to offer our volunteer work for a good night sleep and a couple of meals a day.

Turns out it’s not that easy to do. And it also turns out that if you stay on the bridge long enough, you will become a bird!

See, I told you!

There’s nothing much to say about food, I’m afraid. Writing this, I cannot even remember what we had during our four days in Florence, really. Our theory is that this city is so packed with tourists that the businesses are getting tired of smiling to customers, cooks are forgetting their salt and pepper and the managers up the price to get rid of the last believers.

So we went out for plan B:

By the third evening we stayed in this city packed with tourists we really felt a little lost. This site had so far found us nothing but rejections from some of the dream destinations in Tuscany.

The time called for desperate measures. So we open the google maps and start finding the nearest beach. Livorno it is, then!

I cannot explain enough how big the relief was to arrive in a new town. In Florence we had a sudden sense of loss. “Now what?” we were both asking each other. It was because we never planned to move any further, really. Florence was to be the final stop until we get to a wine distillery or an olive farm, or something of a kind.

But it’s quite tough to worry about these things when you are floating in the Mediterranian, I can tell you that much!

Yes, this was exactly what we needed. A whole day on the beach in the middle of pretty much nowhere and in our minds, far enough from Florence..

And then the universe noticed our (zero) efforts. If you’re reading this, dad, then here’s my proof: not giving a shit sometimes gets awarded with a sunny day at the beach!

As a matter of fact, if you continue not giving any shits, in the evening you will get an even bigger reward. An e-mail pops in your inbox and invites you to stay in the mountains for a couple of weeks.

And then you see puppies as a bonus:

Puppies from Livorno

This last piece of knowledge is what we leave you with, for now.

Talk to you soon!
Mark and Kadi

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