Who are the digital natives rewritten

Let’s start with explaining what one is first. A digital native is someone who was born into technology someone who has learnt how to use technology at such a young age.

This privilege has helped the education in millions of children across the globe. With the use of technology growing minds have the ability to research and question any subject they please at just one click of a button. They have all this information on anything they could ever dream of at the tips of their fingers. *literally at the tips of their fingers*

Prensky has defined digital natives as its own culture and that older cultures are a thing of the past. The UN (united nations) tells us the mobile phone is more common than toilets. There are 1.2billion headsets in india alone. (eddition.cnn)

It may be difficult to some to use technology due to many factors, some being age and lack of education with digital products or maybe not seeing any value in learning to use this new way of living.

With social media advancing it also allows these digital natives to communicate with one another from anywhere around the globe at any time. Want to learn a new skill ? Youtube it, the access to watch a video on basically anything you can imagine is there on the Internet. This allows people to share ideas and create things that wernt possible before, forcing the world to change and technology to evolve faster then ever imagined.

The first smartphone was released in the year 2000. In less then under 2 decades we now have phones more powerful then most computers less then a decade ago.

Digital natives really do exist. And maybe it’s not a bad thing like people say. These children will grow up with so much knowledge about technology that they will help shape and change the world


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