We’re #2 !

Dear Patient,

Here at Pleveland Plinic we truly care about you, your family, and your experience. We strive to assure all of our patients at Pleveland Plinic a truly caring service of multi-center excellence in providing the very best in modern medical care. We truly esteem you and your feedback in allowing us to strive mightily to continue to serve you better each and every day! Please help us by answering the following questions ab0ut your recent appointment.

Were all doctors, nurses, and staff members polite and friendly?

Did all doctors, nurses, and staff members treat you with respect?

Did anyone apologize for all the idiotic privacy requirements and other bureaucratic nonsense?

Did the nurse give you a big bright smile and babble-talk with you like you were an infant?

Did the doctor stare fixedly with a sarcastic grin while you blathered on about your problem?

Did the doctor’s manner and appearance clearly show his or her superior rank?

Did the doctor well tolerate your filthy, hideous self during the exam?

Did the doctor appear to give a shit about your miserable life?

Did the doctor speak to you using simple words so that even a total moron like you could understand?

Did the doctor fully explain that your medical condition makes you an odious leper?

Thank you for your feedback!

The Pleveland Plinic Staff