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Great article. I think people who fall into the “Everybody is too sensitive these days crowd” should ask themselves how they feel about Michael Richard’s (Kramer from Seinfeld) famous racist rant (Warning: Lots of N bombs, NSFW) . If you think that’s going too far, then we’ve agreed that “comedy” can go too far and cease to be humorous to become merely offensive, and now it’s just a matter of deciding where the line is.

The reference to South Park is a salient one, because I think they mirror my opinions pretty well on this. They’ve done tons of offensive jokes, and a lot of their last season was about the encroaching pc culture. However, they ended the season not on anger, but on a conciliatory note, that it’s just how the culture is changing, and maybe people being nice to each other isn’t such a terrible thing. Cultures change, what used to be socially acceptable becomes not, and I think it’s fair to expect comics to too, less they fall prey to what Grandpa Simpsons warned us about growing old.

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