Trump, the Media, and Mimesis:

Is the Media Making Fun of Donald?

According to the ancient theory of Mimesis — in which Art imitates life — the Media may simply be imitating Trump, rather than making fun of him. And that, according to Aristotle, is a good thing, because we as humans need Art (in this case writers or photographers) to reflect back to us what we really look like. And Trump, like most humans, cannot see himself very clearly. So when the media reflect back to him what it sees, he has a tendency to become enraged — like a chimpanzee seeing itself in the mirror for the first time.

Of course, this is true for Hilary too — -but she simply is so much better looking than him, and has a much thicker skin. She is therefore not nearly as fun to reflect:

Hilary: After 10 hours of Benghazi Hearings.