Thanks for sharing this memory Mark.

I am so glad you shared this, Bridge.

I am a father in a transracial family. Our 8-year-old daughter, who is black, who is also into the Descendants movies. She was super happy to see a character that looks like her in the forthcoming second film (and also liberally uses the word “bruh”). I was immediately disheartened that they casted a black girl as the primary antagonist, who will likely be converted to the “good side” by the white characters (if it plays out like other Disney movies). I suspect this will impose a continuance of racial inequalities in the minds of those young and impressionable.

We will discuss this with our children, and will likely be joined by many parents who are paying attention. Unfortunately, these subtle messages will go unnoticed by many, as you pointed out. As Deray pointed out on the latest Pod Save the People episode, “we can’t fix what we don’t discuss.”

I appreciate your thoughtful reply.

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