As a minority, you’re use to performing twice as good, only to receive a portion of what your white male counterparts receive. Frankly, I wasn’t willing to lose all that I had worked for just to express my feelings about diversity (this is a bigger problem for another day).
I came clean about diversity at my company
Maya Patterson

Not for another day, but today. It’s absurd that I, a white male, can share space, roles, and talents with a black woman who earns half as much as me. It’s even more absurd that you, a woman of color, have to fear a career disruption for simply creating awareness about it. This is where white men need to step the fuck up. White men who control hiring and salaries need to recognize that this is a problem, be empathetic, and then welcome a redistribution of abundance. White men who work aside women and people of color need to recognize that this is a problem, be empathetic, and then influence the decision makers to take a stand for equality. Anything less by white men is an exacerbation of systemic racism and misogyny. Thank you for bringing your power and wisdom to the UX industry — which when done right, is founded on diversity, equality, and inclusion.

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