$848 With Fountains of Wayne: “Know Any Good Pyramid Schemes?”

Heeding the adage that it takes money to make money, power-poppers Fountains of Wayne invest Blender’s cash — and actually come out ahead

Note: In light of Adam Schlesinger’s passing, I’ve transcribed this piece of mine, which originally appeared in the June 2007 issue of Blender magazine.

“I’m gonna make you shitloads of money!”

Dylan Ratigan, host of the CNBC investing show with attitude Fast Money, makes this not-safe-for-basic-cable declaration within a minute of striding into the Drum, the semicircular second-floor walkway in the headquarters of the NASDAQ stock exchange…

Mark Yarm

Contributing features editor, Input mag; bylines: New Yorker, NYT, Wired, WSJ. Mag; author, EVERYBODY LOVES OUR TOWN. markyarm@gmail.com

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