The Carat of a ring explained in 1 minute!

Let’s take a moment and chat about the carat of a ring.

I promise you, this quick article will save you money!

The Carat is simple to understand. Carats = weight of the diamond. The carat is weighed and assigned a measurement unit in ct. Carat weight plays a huge part in determining the price and the amount of cash you have to throw at them! Don’t freak out, this guide will put things into perspective.

Been wondering what size of carat to focus on? Relax, you’re in safe hands. You don’t need to blow your savings on a massive rock.

Read points one and two. If your budget is the typical ‘two months’ salary. Stick to these points, and stick to your budget! Don’t blow every penny on this one buy. (They’ll be plenty more ways to spend your money soon after you pop the question).

If you’re future bride to be is leveled headed (as much as a women can be!) and sensible, she’ll thrilled and impressed with the carat size.

(This is where you don’t tell her about us and take all the credit).

What you need to know;

1. Every woman deserves at least 0.75ct to 1.25ct.
2. Your goal is one carat.
And here’s a tip. The carat of a ring can be the sum total of one stone or all the little stones on the ring. Having a shit load of small sparkly stones is usually cheaper too!

Stick to these simple points and don’t be led astray by fancy sales talk. You now know exactly what you need to about Carat’s.

Told you, nothing more, nothing less.

Yep. That’s it!

Simple pieces of vital info. You are now a carat expert.

Your welcome!

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