Before Taking Advice, Think Twice

My parents would moan at me for playing on the Playstation or fucking about on the internet “Go outside you’re wasting your life away” etc. (Though, according to my 99 magic on Runescape, they kind of had a point)

Yet they happily sit glued in front of the TV for hours every night

I would think why should I listen to what they say when all they do is watch TV? I don’t want to spend my life plonked in front of a TV so why would I take their advice on board?

How does this relate to business? Beware of hypocrisy. Take care in whose advice you listen to and apply.

Would you take fitness advice from a morbidly obese person? No. So why take business and sales advice from somebody who has no business experience?

It sounds obvious yet these bullshit artists are everywhere. They have no reason to be offering advice or coaching yet people still listen to them, it pisses me off.

I’m just a 25 year old goof with very little business experience but I could easily put together an ebook filled with the same old stuff regurgitated from popular business books, slap some copy on it, promote it, and make a quick quid.

But I won’t because I’m not a twat. (though I’m very tempted)

The people buying and reading said ebook would be none the wiser that I actually don’t know what I’m talking about.

Most advice on the internet is like this, from people who don’t know that much. Many people are out there trying to fix others but haven’t even come close to sorting themselves out.

If you don’t trust the person who’s writing then don’t read it, ignore it and find somebody that you can trust.

Look, everybody has an opinion and wants to tell you how you should do something. That’s life.

Most of what people tell you isn’t going to help you, so unless the person speaking is genuinely somebody you want to emulate or learn from just smile, nod, and carry on.

Just smile and nod. It’s easier that way.

(except for me, you should definitely listen to me and do what I say)