Stoned memories

This happened to me when I was returning from my trip to Amsterdam. I arrived to the airport three hours before the departure of my plane. When I left the taxi I understood that I had a few joints of Mary Jane and some colorful pills. Also I understood that I have to use it all before custom control. Because it’s not allowed to bring joints and drugs with you. I went to a café, where took some coffee with liquer and stared my first joint. After I’ve smoked it, I understood that it’s time to take one more pill and to go to the check-in desk. After I’ve entered the airport I saw a lot of Vikings that were dancing around the statue of Odin with sacrarium. I’ve joined group and started my way to statue. Nearby the statue I saw priests of Odin and one of them was a woman. She gave me some card and asked whether everything is good? I understood that it’s time to take one more pill and moved to the next step. After it I realized that my body is full of scars. Scars and stitches. I looked around myself and saw aliens. They were trying to tell me something. They suggested me go through some metal frame and take away all my luggage. Then felt terrible pain in my head and fainted. When I woke up I saw an alien woman that was making some manipulations with my body and felt one more much stronger pain under my spine. I fainted again.

I don’t know how much time I was sleeping, but after my waking up I saw a very beautiful woman in an uniform, but we were not in the airport. I could smell true weed from Amsterdam, fried eggs with beef and heard such familiar voice of Jim Morrison from “The Doors”.

- I liked you so much when I saw you before our meeting at the airport. And I don’t want you to leave Amsterdam. But it’s your choice. What happened in Amsterdam will held in Amsterdam.

That moment I realized that I had seen this woman before. In the Red Light District.

- Who are you, my morning glory? Hooker or Customs Officer?

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