At least not in Wales

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Photo by Alexander Sergienko on Unsplash

The latest developments in government decision-making around COVID-19 is evidently having an effect on more than physical health.

This week, the Welsh government decided to ban people from buying ‘non-essential items’ in shops.

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And just who decides which items are essential and non-essential you may ask?

Why, alcoholics of course.

Why else would alcohol remain for sale while children’s clothing, toys and personal toiletries are deemed not essential?

Mrs. Bloggs was shocked when she went to replace her five-year-old daughter’s coat, which the child had foolishly lost, to be told she could not buy a replacement as this was a ‘non-essential’ item. …


Thrifty Words Theme #9: Greed

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Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

On a Caribbean beach, I spied a swimsuited woman being photographed eating from a large tub of fruit while the sea lapped gently about her.

In awe, I watched as she gorged herself on the mountain of mangos.

The photographer lowered her camera:

“She’s a real glutton for social attention.”


Shh, keep it under your hat!

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Photo by Glenn Han on Unsplash

Dear all,

Please save the date 26th October 2020 1–2 pm EST cos we are having a parteeeee!

It’s the birthday of one of our favourite MuddyUm writers. I can’t disclose her name, obviously, because it’s a secret party, but I can tell you her birthday is the day after the date I’ve set; we are having the party early to throw her off the scent! (And also because I’m not available on the 27th.)

The thing is, our birthday girl is a tiny bit shy and a little retiring, but she loves SURPRISES.

That’s why when I read her story warning friends NOT to throw her a surprise birthday party, I knew immediately she meant the opposite! …


Marla Bishop

Londoner, philosophy graduate, journalist, relationship coach, wife & mother. MA in Novel Writing; working on 1st novel. Follow me: https://linktr.ee/Marla

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