You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Half of the crap in this article is just that crap. And you are a fine one to pass judgement and call people a key board warrior, what does that make you since you wrote this bs?. You sit high on your own damn pedistle and type at will and try to treat those of us who saw this march as stupid as we are in the wrong. Anyone who can read can read between the lines of what you wrote, you may word things nice and pretty but in the end you called us all wrong and basically told us to fuck off. And why is now that the march is over all of this kind of crap is coming out? Why not post the pictures of the disgusting signs and how people were half dressed and the nasty crap that they screamed?? That is a disgrace to women. But I get it you need a nasty cardboard sign to make you feel more like a woman, I for one do not need that or to have someone else stand for me or speak for me. Why is it before the march it was in protest of our new president and now its all about rights, or a movement or whatever else they are brainwashing people to believe it was? Everyone has their own opinion as did the person whom you decided to write this in response to, and your response when broken down is rude and uncalled for so that my dear makes your the asshole in this situation.. And worse of all the person had to defend them self for not being involved in the march to likes of a bunch of low life people like you.

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