But Russia!
Austin Frank

I see the well developed trigger “Susan Rice” still works on those programmed properly.

Fact: Members of Trump’s inner circle have been being investigated for close contacts with known foreign agents for YEARS, through multiple administrations. Trump is either aware of those connections or is a blithering idiot. One in particular is Felix Sater, who was/is a FBI asset that Loretta Lynch had to respond to questions about when she was nominated for Attorney General. He is also a close associate of Donald Trump so any investigations involving Sater might well have brought up Trump or any member of his family/ex wives, either closely or peripherally.

If someone wanted to learn more about a case involving Sater, _especially if he was hanging around anyone running for office on a national level_ then Trump et al might be unmasked to define the reference in a conversation. That unmasking is not leaking. The leaking is more likely have come through the competing factions in the Trump transition team.

Personally, I’m very happy that we found out that Michael Flynn was acting as a paid lobbyist for Turkey while fulfilling the same function for Trump (National Security Adviser) that Susan Rice filled for Obama. Rice is bad, Flynn is much much worse. That he played out his resentment of Obama firing him by going to RT to badmouth the United States and get paid by Putin to do so should have been a big red flag to Trump. Unfortunately it took a lot of public pressure to oust him. Otherwise, we’d still have a paid agent of Turkey and Russia sitting in on National Security meetings and advising the POTUS.

Oh, I did notice that leakers are good when they benefit your political stance.