Milo Is Over
Matthew Gault

Milo/Nero was never a conservative. Still isn’t. There’s another reason the character known as Milo had to go. Since the election the ‘alt right’ has been in flux, trying to oust the ones who won’t disavow racism and bigotry for the greater good of staying in Trump’s tail wind.

Furthermore, Milo’s too associated with the alt right. Breitbart is cleaning it’s act up to be Trump’s media arm and to work with white nationalists on the international stage to elect more of him.

Also, Trump was forced to give McMasters complete control. That means Bannon is no longer the threat to those sitting at the table discussing national security that he would have been if Flynn had remained. Triple whammy. Bannon’s trying to hold on to control of Trump’s ear. Let’s hope he doesn’t.

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