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Milo’s out at Breitbart. “Resigned”.

The tape isn’t why he was demoted from icon to pariah so quickly, even though Reagan Battalion deserves many many many kudos for making sure it became an issue this time instead of being passed over/excused as it has been so many times before.

Bannon heads Breitbart.

McMasters, due to no one else wanting the job with Bannon breathing down their necks, was able to demand complete control of the national security team.

Bannon wants to stay in that room. It’s key to his own agenda. He NEEDS intel from the US intelligence community in order to forward his agenda of European white nationalism undermining NATO.

So, along with the rest of the racists and bigots that he used to fuel Trump’s rise, Bannon dumps Milo. He’s lived out his usefulness, just as Richard Spencer and David Duke did.

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