Holding Pattern

Sitting in mid-air, the thrust of engines becomes noticeably quiet. Each second feels like an eternity. Anxious and far past ready to be on the ground, the plane sits in a holding pattern over O’Hare International Airport. The plane arrives and settles in its determined position, patiently waiting to make its descent. The engines roar as if it is ready to proceed to land, then again the engines become faint; the plane is in a holding pattern. This process repeats numerous times.

We all know the feelings when an extended life event, problem, or situation, is almost to its end, release is upon our life, the plane is landing, then the message comes, “Ladies and gentlemen please remain in your seats, we are in a holding pattern.”

Although we may be in a crowd, during the holding patterns of our life we find ourselves alone with ourselves. All personal life preparation is tested during these precise moments. How well we respond to sitting in midair, no control or options to change anything, except our perspective;it is show time!

It is important to remember, choice is something we always possess. Our lives are a series of holding patterns, however let me remind us that during these times we are still moving. Even though we cannot run away or change a particular event, we can readjust our perspective and open our minds and hearts to the teacher of the moment. The engines are still running (thank GOD! — Smiles). We are going somewhere! We establish our destination, book our flight, and life around us works with our faith.

Let us prepare ourselves for an awesome life, be flexible and open to a new perspectives, and remember that we are still moving toward our goals, even during the holding patterns of life.

The runway is being prepared. Our life is being set up for an awesome and safe landing!

Happy Travels~

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