Last week, Kelly Clarkson took the stage at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, where she delivered a powerful, heartfelt speech on the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. Clarkson also discussed gun violence at large, stating that she is tired of moments of silence:

Photo captured by E! News.

“Let’s have a moment of action. Let’s have a moment of change,” said Clarkson, holding back tears.

According to Billboard, the 2018 BBMA’s were Clarkson’s debut as an award show host. …

As music festivals continue to grow in size and popularity, one might question whether the awareness these festivals raise around sustainability practices outweighs the carbon footprint they leave behind:

Larger festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza attract hundreds of thousands of attendees each year — and they’re only getting bigger. Coachella went from being two days to three, then from one weekend to two since 2012; and Lollapalooza became a four day festival just two years ago. Bonnaroo, on the other hand, has always been a four day festival.

Below are the number of attendees of each festival in…

A Positive Start to Festival Season 2018

Electric Family has formed apparel partnerships with some of the biggest names in EDM since 2012. Thanks to their loyal fan base, EF now collaborates with DJs like Skrillex, Kygo, Illenium, Louis the Child and many others.

With the help of these DJs, Electric Family has raised over $350,000 for charities around the world. Their new clothing line is not only Coachella ready, but supports well-known charities such as Global Rights, Make A Wish, Doctors Without Borders, and F*ck Cancer.


I had the opportunity to chat with Electric Family’s co-founders, Steve Brew and Drew Nilon. …

Although meet and greets are a fun and often rewarding experience, they always come with a long, unpredictable wait time. The opportunity to meet entertainers who have been there for you during good times and bad is a once in a lifetime opportunity. An opportunity you don’t want to miss when given the chance, even if it means cutting into previously made plans.

If you’re heading to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) this weekend, you’re probably eager to meet the people you consider your heroes and share the memories you’ve had with them — even if those memories…

You know, when you’re so hungry and angry at the same time that you can’t think straight.

Heading to Chicago next weekend for St. Patrick’s Day?

Yeah, so is everyone else.

It’s going to be absolute chaos, and I mean that in the best way possible. If you live in the city, you probably have friends coming in town. And, whether you’re a local or visiting, you probably couldn’t be more excited to run around the city with your friends like a bunch of drunk leprechauns. That is, until you’re insanely hungover the next day.

Whatever you did the day…

So, as we all know, Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

For some, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate a romantic night out with their significant other. For others, it’s a reason to celebrate the fact that they’re not tied down.

For most, it’s an excuse to reactivate their dating apps again, apparently.

Whatever Valentine’s Day means to you, there’s a good chance you’ll be eating out for it. You know what that means: Everyone else is probably doing the same, making it difficult to make reservations on this special day.

Luckily, Chicago, and other big cities alike…

We’ve all been to a restaurant when it’s busy: The waits are long, and if you live in a city like Chicago, the waits are even longer.

Although Chicago doesn’t have a shortage of fantastic restaurants, everyone seems to know which ones are the best. For example, if someone wants deep dish, they’ll probably go to Lou Malnati’s. If they want a good burger, they’ll go to Kuma’s Corner.

(I may be a little biased because I work at Kuma’s Too, but that’s beside the point.)

This is the famous Kuma burger, and you probably got hungrier just looking at…

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