Pursue your dreams by any means

Growing up in area where the lack of support for pursuing anything in the arts such as music, writing, painting etc has been very tough on me and many others just like me. “Go to college and get a job” is what we all heard from our parents. Most of us went to college and graduated and after graduation we got the 9 to 5 and continued to live our miserable lives. A lot of us went into depression and many never recovered. After suffering from depression and anxiety I told myself I would never quit on my dreams just because someone says it’s not ideal and that “Being a writer isn’t a real job” GREAT! I don’t want a damn job. I want to write. I was the fool for not following my dreams and my passion just because I was told not to but it’s never too late. And during this journey I want to inspire others to follow their dreams at any cost. I know how hard it can be to pursue something you want so badly but having no one to support you. Yes you are going to fail and yes you are going to struggle I face them daily but the only way to reach your breakthrough is by using these failures to grow and learn. Use the pain that you face to gain strength for the next battle. I’m sure many have heard someone tell them that their dreams are unrealistic. That’s great! Tell me my dreams are unrealistic because many great inventors and leaders have been told the same. Those inventions we enjoy today…electricity…cars…phones? Yep that was unrealistic right? Those who think outside the box will create something that has never been done before. Those people are the trail blazers. So think unrealistic! Be you pursue your dreams and I promise you if you don’t quit and you keep pushing through the struggles you will make it. Below you can watch my video by clicking the link at the bottom. You will see the struggles I’m facing and many others face on a regular basis trying to pursue their dreams. But I never quit. ThinkUnrealistic #BeYou


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