On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know…
Aaron Loeb

lol. This website is choke full of gaslighting, bullying, snotty entitled tools. who is your enemy again? since when did you give a shit about our vote? certainly not when the DNC conspired against Bernie, rubbed-elbows with the media and silenced those with a progressive voice that did not fit the needs of Wall Street, big banks, the Waltons, big pharma and other figureheads. It is amusing how you Neoliberal, Clinton shills don’t give a rat’s-ass what those evil Republicans and Conservative fanatical, racist, bigoted “basket of deplorables” are up to. You are most threatened by Progressive Independents- who are growing en mass despite your thwarted attempts to silence us. And despite what Bernie Sanders was threatened to say. There is absolutely nothing you can do about that. You may have the election, but you won’t have the future. That is ours. History is predictably progressive in the long haul. See you all an the flip side.

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