Be A F***ing Unicorn: What our 4-month journey at a startup accelerator taught us

If you’ve been following our trail on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (thank you, faithful social media followers), you probably were wondering about the intense excitement of companies after pitching at 500 Startups’ Demo Day on February 15th.

Scopio was lucky enough to graduate from 500 Startups’ seed program with the rest of Batch 19, a collective of 44 diverse startups solving a wealth of the world’s biggest problems. Startups included everything from the very serious Baloonr, a platform aiming to remove bias from group work, to the beloved UNICORN, a skincare brand marketed towards men that touts the first ever male butt mask*.

The 4-month program was backed by a hefty investment and ended in Demo Day, where each startup pitched their ideas to a room of investors and founders.Houstonian rapper Chamillionaire was even there as an angel investor, as well as well-known venture capitalist Tim Draper.

Demo Day was an experience unlike any other — combining the formality of business and investment with 500’s experimental, unorthodox philosophy toward the startup world. Just take a look at Dave McClure’s outfit, or rewatch the “Bad Pitches” spoof of the A$AP Rocky classic.*

Here are a few of the important things we learned in our time at 500 Startups. Some lessons were expected, and others came as a total surprise.

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