The Battle of Conversion Rates — User Generated Content vs Stock Photos
Tomer Dean

Tomer, this was a really great read! I’m such a geek about A/B testing pretty much anything and user-generated photos, so this really is the best of both worlds.

Stock photos do fail to tell a story about a brand, which is what UGC truly excels at. I think your experiment shows that perfectly. Though customers might enjoy looking at plain old product shots for detail’s sake, getting inspiration from others — this time in UGC form — is really how we operate. Fashion really exemplifies this, too. I love it when companies show how their customers style certain pieces, à la your Zara example.

I work for Scopio, which is a company that curates UGC for brands. We’ve seen great results even in B2B and nonprofit sectors. One of our most successful and rewarding projects was with the UN:

Let me know what you think!

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