Peter Maatouk Helps Owners Get Their Properties Rented Fast

Peter Maatouk is a veteran business professional based in Australia. He is the proud owner of a well established company called “ Maatouks Realty” that is located in Liverpool, New South Wales. He not only assists people purchase their dream home, but also help them sell their property at excellent prices. He has many years of experience in the field of real state and property auction. In addition to this, he has a highly qualified team of sales representative who are always ready to assist their customers. Peter invites people to develop a strong association with his sales team, and get the maximum benefit from their services. They are always available to provide an expert advice to their clients, so that they can take a wise decision and can buy an excellent home that is suitable as per their personalized requirements.

Peter Maatouk also alerts his clients about the new listings in the area before they reach in the media, and other people can be benefited from it. He is dedicated to bringing owners and tenants together in the Western District of Sydney, and offering them courteous, professional, hassle free, and the best residential property management services. He helps individuals buy a variety of stylish homes, including semi detached, townhouse, terraced, apartment, studio, villa, and more.

Maatouks Realty is a leader in professional property management. Some of the services offered by them include

  • A marketing and advertisement plan
  • Schedule of onsite inspections on a continuous basis
  • Make format for monthly as well as annual financial statements
  • Payment and receipt of bills as described by the owner
  • Interviewing/ screening of prospective tenants
  • Serve legal notices
  • Enforce rules and regulations
  • Initiate and evaluate eviction from beginning to completion

Peter Maatouk assists tenants locate world class homes along with helping owners enhancing as well as preserving property value and managing their properties. His team works very hard to get properties of owners rented quickly with very little vacancy time.

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