We’re Doing It All Wrong

The new Snapchat update- Snap Map location sharing feature-has people in their feelings. I would love to know why the sole focus of this new feature is to find out each other’s secrets. (Elephant in the room-cheating.) We no longer have the best friend feature on snapchat because, well, it ruins relationships.


Media is not supposed to be used to create anxiety and shatter relationships. Social media is for connecting, networking, go-getters, and over achievers. The location sharing feature is to show other people where you are, what you’re doing, and what is even going on in the world around us. Why would you spend hours creeping on your loved one when you could just be focusing on your personal growth and self-love. A little hint, if they are going to cheat, they are going to cheat and there is nothing you can do about it. Yes, emotions suck, but it is okay to feel- to just be. If they don’t love you for you, move on. Enjoy the new snapchat features, let them know what you’re up to. Explore the world. Share it. There are no limits, so don’t limit yourself. Use your geo-filters, find your friends, and live a little. Take a deep breath and embrace the change.

A close friend of mine asked me what I thought about the new snapchat update. I replied immediately with it is just another way for people to find out their loved ones are cheating on them. This wise (ish) gentleman laughed and said well that’s ridiculous. Social media was not intended to be used in that way, if people were to use it right and understand the sole purpose(s) of it, social media has the potential to impact may lives, to connect, and to just be a mere extension of ourselves- to make us more human.

Thinking about that, what is social media used for? What is it intended for? As a majority, I would say social media is used for other people, not for ourselves. We upload a picture to Instagram and gain confidence based on the amount of likes we get. Same thing goes for twitter- we try to be clever in 140 characters or less. If we fail, we just sacrificed potential followers and kiss our retweets goodbye.

Oh, wait, Steven just posted a pic on Instagram and his ex just liked it. I thought he was talking to me, I didn’t know they were friends. What if they are more than friends??


Here we have Exhibit A. Exhibit A is showing all the wrong signs of social media use and thus is developing the future of a failing relationship. I would just like to throw this out there- Instagram was not intended to make you mad because Steven’s ex liked his picture just as Snap Map was not created for you to find Steven at Suzie’s house (Future reference, Suzie is his sister.)


Let’s not forget about the social media influencers and the powerhouses that make social media great. We have fitness models for days, entrepreneurs sharing their stories, reaching hundreds of thousands of people influencing lives and with the advancement of modern technology, we are able to do way more than ever imagined. This is all going to doggy-dodo just because we thrive on the opinions of others and nothing is ever out fault. As a society we encourage change until is actually happens. There is so much discussion but there is little doing. Then once the action is put into place, there is no one there to keep the momentum going. Nothing is ever done right once it is finally done, and that, my friends, needs to change.

So, before you blame Snap Map for your relationship problems, or social media in general, remember that there are people out there who know what is it really intended for and that there are still loyal people out there, regardless of the temptations.

So breathe, love yourself, and do it right.