To Christy on Facebook, who doesn’t need the Women’s March

My question is: Have *YOU* experienced all — or any — of those things you posed to Christy? I have experienced many of them. I’m a true single mom — you know the kind — no husband, no boyfriend. A widow. So, yes, I have experienced sacrificing for my kids. I have watched my kids eat, while I did not. I’ve fed my kids for a week on less than $10. Have you?

I’ve been in an abusive relationship. I chose homelessness rather than stay. Have you slept in your car with your kids in the dead of winter, knowing your abuser was sleeping peacefully in a heated home? No? I have.

I’ve experienced many of the things on your list. Many. And I don’t need that ridiculous march. I don’t need low-class women like Miley or Madonna to speak for me. Seriously, what life experiences do they share with me? Their very behaviors and dress tell men that women are the sum of their body parts, and only certain parts (thus the need for some to dress as vulva). They are BEGGING men to disrespect women and value us as, well, genitalia. #YouveComeALongWayBaby

I live well now. But I did it on my own — AS A WOMAN. I built a few businesses. I raised all my kids. I survived. Not because I marched or begged people to pay for my contraception, but because I control me. I don’t need freebies. I don’t need to be a hyprocrite (Hey, government, stay out of my bedroom. Oh, but could you first throw some condoms my way?)

I could go on, but it won’t make sense to you or any of your ilk. You hear what you want to hear. You partake in activities for the sole purposes of 1. being accepted and 2. trying to feel like you’re a part of something bigger.

Well you are a part of something bigger. You’re a part of the dehumanizing bandwagon that doesn’t think for itself. You’re shame to all humans, not just women.

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